Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Where I am trying to go...

- I need to get back into school..grad school, tech school, heck even bartending school would be an option. Just something to potentially move up in the world. I feel as though i may have failed myself in education...not that I have not enjoyed the world of theater, and having a vast knowledge of burlesque is a great thing to have...but what I have to show for it?

I was looking at some programs at MATC, and one that caught my fancy was Judicial reporting-where you can work in varied fields such has court reporting, closed captioning for television, transcript translations, among a few others. I would have to take some math(for business applications),  biololgy and psychology classes...but it could be worth it.

Other then this, I had a really rough day panic attack at work rough day.
Got through the majority of it, went to see my boyfreind later that night which helped me feel better.
Today was better, got to work earlier...still trying to find another job closer to home...or one that pays better. We shall see what happens..

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Life in the Fast Lane, or how my weekend went.

So last night was the Fetch the Pliers show, and it was alot of fun. Until my freind who drove me there got stuck in the snowbank, and when the nite ended we tried to push him out, when the belt gave out and it died....overall the nite was fun....just a bit too much beer and smoking.
-So, Gen con is in the works, ordered my badge, we got the room fgured out. The room is actually going to be at the airport instead of downtown, which is a money saver. And while I am not going to be in the costume contest this year, I am hoping I will be able to create a costume of one my Dark Heresy characters to wear for one day.
-This week is going to be nuts...but that is for another day.
Oh yea, I got a new tattoo...hehe.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So my sister joined, and I thought I should too.

Hi out there!
So, I found out about the 'Blogger' through my sister's e-mail about it. This is now the third blog i have out there in internet-land. Not much to say on to read my sisters Blogger.