Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Turning 29-I am ok with it.

One more year in my twenties, where did the last decade go? Well, at least I can look back in the next year, and do that 'reflective' thing that everyone does. You know, "What have I done, What will be coming, and What do I NEED to do with life?" I know that isn't the true order of things- but I am aware of it as I see it for me.

But I will do that long list next year for the big 30.

For this weekend is going to be awesome- tomorrow on my actual day of birthing, I will be likely going to lunch and shopping with mom. Friday is shopping for painting stuffs, then partying with my boy and our freinds. Saturday I was supposed to go to Madison for a burlesque show/outdoor festival/campout thing...but I haven't heard anything about it-so if I get no confirmation I will likely not be going.

Memorial Day I am off as well-no plans but that is the last day Jay is in the country and I figure we will spend the day together. We will be apart for two weeks(sniff)...but I will keep myself busy with all the stuff coming up.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Painting my room-Chapter 1

So now that I live in a house, with a second floor all to myself-I want to make it look less like a demolition area.
My room is currently painted pastel purple-not a color condusive to my style. I am going for a black and red motif-red walls and black trim.
I went to Benjamin Moore paint today to get some color palettes for visual aids. I was originally going to go for a ochre red(brownish red), but that might be too dark. And I found this really neat color-ruby red. Dude Ruby red..just like my hair! hehe.

So I am planning on going all out on Friday to get paint and curtains with my mom and my freind who is driving us around.
Going to do a little more looking-maybe get some cheapo black paint samples to get started in the trim-as that will not take much time at all.
The second room is in need of all primer-that is more going to be a summer project. I have unpacked the nessecities for clothing, shoes and the like-but I feel like putting it all away now is stupid before I actually paint the rooms.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Yea...and so it goes.

-Moved in and dealing with new changes well.
-Jay is done with school, he graduates on Sunday-we celebrate that following Friday.
-I am turning 29 in a week-woohoo.
-Doing a burlesque show in Bay View for the first time tomorrow night, this after a 8 hour shift at work. I am sure much partying and good times will make up for the long day.
-Saw the new Star Trek movie, much awesomeness!
-Going to Madison to visit Sarah in two weeks.
-Not much else to mention-except i hate my job but what else is new?