Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The future...but first the past.

I had multiple reasons for quitting my job. It was not the easiest decision to make, and yes I did not give the proper two weeks notice...but i had to do what was best for me.
The organization I was working for was already on shaky ground(Paycuts, job cuts for full time staff, etc)
Yet somehow they managed to get money to redecorate the community hall, while it is likely a donation, it was a perfectly functional space. One person comments that it isn't 'elegant' enough, and someone coughs up the funds to make it far more fancy, while we the little people are suffering at the hands of some red tape.
Two-The shifts were ridiculous-early afternoons here, mornings there. Not to mention that even trying to get shift coverage was a joke. I at some point gave up even asking, and was coming in sick often. Masking it became an art form. My commute was hard-two buses each way, not to mention that coming home at 9pm while i live in the hood(yea it is the f-ing hood) is not the most safe for me.
Third-I was attempting to look like I wanted to go somewhere there. I was picking up assignments, picking up shifts without question, making points at the meetings,etc. And it didn't seem to make a difference.
Fourth-Double Standards. Ok, so soandso can come in and not come to the desk for 30 f-ing minutes, while she is on the clock? Just wanders around the building, and acts like she is working when she is not. I got so sick of this BS, I mentioned it to my supervisor, but does she do anything..NO! Not to mention said person not coming to the MANDATORY meetings, and gets away with it more then once!

So basically I am done with this. I have said my piece. And I am moving on.
I am going back to school, and that is all I have to say about that.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Life in the Augustus

Yea, I know the title makes no sense-but here is a recap of August(not counting the one thing that hasn't happened.)

-Wedding #1 Dale and Beth's Wedding-I was a guest-Jay was a usher. I wish I had pics of him in his tux. He looked so handsome! *Squee!* The wedding was nice, the reception was fun but I had a few too many glasses of riesling and passed out at 10pm. Thankfully our freind Joe had a room, so the guys stayed up til 2am drinking and being guys. Horrible hangover the next morning.

-Gen Con- Hotel was nice, but too far away(we were by the airport this year). We got the new Rouge Trader book, the game is alot of fun-think 'Pirates in Space'. My character is called 'Lorayne Thornhallow'. She kicks some serious butt as the bodyguard of Rachsus Thorne!
Didn't get to do everything I wanted to, but I still had a good time. Next year though I am not missing Hentai Dubbing!

Wedding(reception)#2 Dan and Mary: This was a rough one, basically had not time to change or get ready as we had to go straight there after we got back from Indy. I managed to pull myself together. We had alot of fun, Jay and I had a bit too much...so we stumbled home and slept it off.

Wedding #3(one week from Saturday)-Best freind getting married-first time being a bridesmaid. Will update on the event after it happens.

Work-ready to quit this piece of shit....

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My day started like any other day-

-Courthouse promptly at 8am, waited for over a hour in this stupid small claims court to hear my name called, and asked if i could reschedule for next month...when I have an attorney this time! I will not go unrepresented!!
-Went to Planned Parenthood and got me some DEPO! I am happy that I don't have to think about this anymore, I worry bout the weight gain, but I figure if I keep doing what I am doing I will be fine.
-Visited the boyfreind @ his work...he was happy about the birth control-now it is a two way street! He and I talked about Gen Con and how awesome it is going to be-15 more days!!!
JAIME-You would so go to this with me if you could right???
Mike Nelson is going to be there doing a overtrack during a screening of Plan 9 from Outer Space!!!
There is Hentai Dubbing, Star Trek 2 :The Wrath of Khan, and the Princess Bride!

There is just too much to do you know?!!
I cannot wait to get the F-k outta here!

And i will FINALLY make it to Bristol Renn Faire this year...it will be on Saturday, i managed to snag one day off before my vacation(i need it!).

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New picture of me-from the Christmas in July Show on 7/19/09

So here I am looking less like Les(haha), in my most recent show with the Brew City Bombshells. I think this one is my favorite of all, false eyelashes are so awesome...though they are hard to wear with glasses.
I am trying to get through the muck of life...i keep trying. But it gets harder every week.
Keep shaking and shimmying!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I just want things to improve in my life.

-Is it so hard to want for better? I feel like I have been trying and trying...I dont know why I feel overwhelmed lately-I mean I know one thing-bankruptcy-which is scary. But what is even scarier, is the letters and phone calls constantly hounding me.
I had to reschedule with the lawyer for next week, and I have been calling the collectors to inform them of the situation. So I am attempting to follow through with everything in the proper way.
-I just want a normal life again, and i want to feel like I will be somebody better after this is all done. I feel like it just takes the life away from me, almost like the looking-over-your-shoulder feeling. Like at any moment someone will come and take your life away(in court).

Aside from all of this, I had a lovely three day weekend. Thursday i went to see Rancid at Summerfest. Bumped into Kate for the first time in awhile, all was calm and civil and we did some catching up. Later my freind Karen asked me if it was weird to see her, and I told her not at all. Yes the first few months last year were hard, and we did not speak for some time. But we have moved foward in our lives, and I want us to remain freinds. Besides- it was Jay that found her in the front while he was looking for people he would know-I came back from a trip to the restroom to see him and Kate talking and hanging out, and we all talked and had a good time.
-Friday I just stayed home and did nothing.
Saturday was better, I got paid, so I went to the bank. Met my freind(and hopeful future roommate Sarah) down at the Downtown bookstore. We did a little shopping(I bought some VHS tapes and a book for Jay, she got a top at Rainbow), then we went apartment shopping together...we called a few places, and one place Sarah is going to be looking at today. We then ended the day eating Chinese food and drinking PBRs while watching Dukes of Hazard(the movie). I fell asleep at 845.

As for this week...lots of phone calls, hopefully meeting with the lawyer this week...we shall see which way the road turns.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hey Big Spender-Spend a little time with a lawyer!

Sorry to cop out a line from Chicago-that is from 'chicago' the musical right?
Anyhoo-I meet with the lawyer this week, a bit nervous as I don't feel totally prepared. I will call him once more before we meet on Friday.

The show this week sucked-rain made less people show, not to mention I didn't feel like I did a good job at all. We have a meeting next week to discuss everything that happened-but July should be great- we are having Clownvis host our show...more on that later.

Worked a show with Jay at Zad's Roadhouse-was alot of fun, and thankfully it ended early enough.
I had to work all day today at JCC, also applied for more jobs...but what is the point...seriously?
No one is biting-I think my resume needs a makeover.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Quick Blurbs on Life for Me.

-Jay came home-sadly his grandfather went into the hospital when he came back. Had to go to Iowa Wednesday, his grandad passed away Thursday.
-Friday I did alot of stuff-continued the odyssey that is painting my room. I got more done, but there are two walls that I have to wait on; one that is damaged and one that is in a odd alcove shape. So I will embark on those likely soon. Later I went to Jay's, then later he came over and we watched Desperately Seeking Susan-which he had never seen. He liked it.
Saturday we spent running around, later that night we went out and did kareoke. Then we went to his freind Nikki' s party-we had WOP which is some strong stuff...I think i had like three sips of it before I put it down.
I didn't sleep too well last night, went home this morning about 6am-ate some breakfast and had a BOOST drink(was a little hungover); woke up at 9am took a shower then went to work.

tonite-hopefully will get to Jay's graduation party after work, if I can get a ride.
(crosses fingers).

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Jay in Paris, Me in sad land

Fall of 2010, I am going to graduate school at UW-Madison.
In the meantime I am going to go to Kaplan College to get a Medical tech certification-
Either that or move to Madison and get a better job.

Whichever happens first.

I called Jay today, he was at the Notre Dame Catherdral! He said it was beyond beautiful, I was getting all happy hearing his voice when the call got interupted by some stupid recording. I tried calling again( was using a international calling card), and it said 'cannot be reached at this time-please dial the number and try again.' OOOH!!!

I cannot wait for him to come home, then summer will really start!

And as far as the current job goes, well I keep holding out for something better to come along.
But how much more can I hold out?
If I have not gotten a better job by the end of the summer, I am quitting.
And I do not care if I have nothing lined up, school will be my job.

New show on the 19th, meeting tomorrow with the troupe. Going over the choreography at Raven's tonite. Doing two 80's themed numbers!

That is all.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

You Likea Me like I Likea U

I am having a 'tardo day. No-not some cool new gaming character, but like 'retarded' just shortened.
I stuffed envelopes with half of their needed letters at work today, I seemed to be acting weird, like I had a sugar rush or something. I blame the Baby Ruth-I hardly ever eat those things.
My back right tooth is rotting-I am not kidding! I need to see a dentist, but how the bloody hell can I do that with what peanuts I am making at my job.

I am going to quit soon, going back to school, and moving on from this hell I live in.
The only good things in my life are my family, freinds, wonderful boyfreind(he comes home from Paris on the 9th!!!) And my lovely burlesque troupe!

That is me with the red wig on-my real hair pissed me off when it didn't set the nite before!
We are really picking up gigs and opportunites! My next two numbers involve 80's songs by Van Halen and Billy Idol. I am excited!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Turning 29-I am ok with it.

One more year in my twenties, where did the last decade go? Well, at least I can look back in the next year, and do that 'reflective' thing that everyone does. You know, "What have I done, What will be coming, and What do I NEED to do with life?" I know that isn't the true order of things- but I am aware of it as I see it for me.

But I will do that long list next year for the big 30.

For this weekend is going to be awesome- tomorrow on my actual day of birthing, I will be likely going to lunch and shopping with mom. Friday is shopping for painting stuffs, then partying with my boy and our freinds. Saturday I was supposed to go to Madison for a burlesque show/outdoor festival/campout thing...but I haven't heard anything about it-so if I get no confirmation I will likely not be going.

Memorial Day I am off as well-no plans but that is the last day Jay is in the country and I figure we will spend the day together. We will be apart for two weeks(sniff)...but I will keep myself busy with all the stuff coming up.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Painting my room-Chapter 1

So now that I live in a house, with a second floor all to myself-I want to make it look less like a demolition area.
My room is currently painted pastel purple-not a color condusive to my style. I am going for a black and red motif-red walls and black trim.
I went to Benjamin Moore paint today to get some color palettes for visual aids. I was originally going to go for a ochre red(brownish red), but that might be too dark. And I found this really neat color-ruby red. Dude Ruby red..just like my hair! hehe.

So I am planning on going all out on Friday to get paint and curtains with my mom and my freind who is driving us around.
Going to do a little more looking-maybe get some cheapo black paint samples to get started in the trim-as that will not take much time at all.
The second room is in need of all primer-that is more going to be a summer project. I have unpacked the nessecities for clothing, shoes and the like-but I feel like putting it all away now is stupid before I actually paint the rooms.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Yea...and so it goes.

-Moved in and dealing with new changes well.
-Jay is done with school, he graduates on Sunday-we celebrate that following Friday.
-I am turning 29 in a week-woohoo.
-Doing a burlesque show in Bay View for the first time tomorrow night, this after a 8 hour shift at work. I am sure much partying and good times will make up for the long day.
-Saw the new Star Trek movie, much awesomeness!
-Going to Madison to visit Sarah in two weeks.
-Not much else to mention-except i hate my job but what else is new?

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Twitter, Invader,Birthday approaching...or what has been around me lately.

So, yea I recently joined Twitter-damn you  Ashton Kutcher! I found of all people on there(are you ready for this?) Brent Spiner, Wil Wheaton, Levar Burton(Star trek geek heaven!!)-Dita Von Teese(my burlesque inspiration), Neil Gaiman(always loved his work)- amongst a few others. I don't update it ALL the time(like I have that much free time on my hands!)-but it is nice to read the daily goings on about my fav celebs.

I recently auditioned for a local show called 'Invader I hardly know her', I felt I did well at the audition-but I didn't make the cut. Oh well! 

Oh yea did I mention I am 20 days from turning 29? One more year until I am in the 30 and over club. Jay and I are going to do a joint Bday/gradution party on the 22nd. He leaves for Europe for two weeks on May 26th, and while I am sad we will be apart that long-he has earned it for working his butt off. He will likely be applying for grad school this summer,and working towards taking his GRE test.

As for me, the month of May will be mostly working aside from Birthday and Memorial Day weekend where I am taking off five days.  I will need to get as much time with Jay as I can.
Mom was in the hospital again for drinking this week, I have nothing to say on the subject other then -"again?'

I want to move. I cannot afford this apartment anymore.
And I keep looking for the ever elusive second job-I am likely to get Swine Flu before I get a new job.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This week in whatevers...

I am in a weird place now, not totally unhappy-not completely happy..kinda in a weird ok space. I don't know if that is life and things being ok. And not being able to change the fact that i have no money, I am late on my electric bill and my rent this month, it is what it is.
-This weekend looks beautiful weather wise (72 degrees, maybe close to 80?), my good freind Steve is coming into town for the 'Big Game' which basically means just the boys doing what they do best in playing Warhammer 40K-Jay will be playing his Orks. He has been working on them religiously these past few weeks. Should be a good game. We all will be meeting up at Mad Planet for 80's/retro nite on Friday to get our boogie on.
-Oh Yea-did I mention I am the subject of a most interesting photo?
More on that later.

The burlesque show went great, we raised 2,000 dollars for juvenile diabetes.
It felt good to give my time and energies to charity.
Ciao for now.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's a Good Day...

-Overdraft is paid off
-We raised 2,000 dollars at the Burlesque benefit for juvenile diabetes.
-I am so in love with my guy right now.

Life is getting better again.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


My overdraft keeps growing!
This coming pay will barely cover anything, I am hoping that the direct deposit advance I can still use, or I am screwed out of money for another two weeks.

Other then that life is ok!
Work today and tomorrow, Show Saturday...yea!

My overdraft is finally paid off WOO!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Goodbye Dead Man's...

So this week I will bidding adieu to the group I have been with for two years. 
I am looking foward to moving ahead with the Alleycat Revue, first show this Saturday. It is a benefit show for Juvenile Diabetes, which will be a wonderful cause to raise money for.

Outside of the shimmy-tastic world, life sucks right now.  I have been in a funk for a couple of days, just feeling depressed about life in general. I apply for job after job, with no bites or contacts.
I don't want to quit what I have now, I just passed the one-year milestone at work...so one year ain't too bad.

Speaking of one year, it has also been one year for Jay and I. We didn't make a big deal of it, but made a cheers that we made it through one year. Jay is going to be so busy in the next two months. 
He is graduating in May-we are celebrating a joint my bday/him graduating party- and then he is off to Europe for two weeks...I keep thinking about how hard it will be for us to be apart that long. We may not see each other for a week, but we are always in the same town. He will be in Germany for a week, then Paris France for the second week.  I will miss him SOO much!
But I know this is a great time for him to have some time away from all of the insanity of his life, between Djing, singing, and other stuff...he is definetely pulled in a million directions.
I am proud of him for finishing school, and he will be going to grad school in the fall. 

Easter is going to be low-key this year...spending the evening with margie and her fiance ed-and their families.
I hope for things to get better soon.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Weekend Ahead...

I am mad that I hardly got any sleep this morning...I was trying everything under the moon to fall asleep.  Finally at 4am I made some peppermint tea which calmed me and made me sleep.
I managed to wake up around 9am, then I said f-it and decided to stay up. I made some coffee and some Pilsbury Cinnamon Rolls; because dammit I deserve some gooey fatty goodness once in awhile.
The walk to work was hard, my blood sugars were getting really low, but I had some pizza and a coke when I got to work, andI felt better.
Tonight-pack for my overnite visit, Jay is coming over to hang out, then try to get some sleep before I catch my 1030am train. I am very much in need of a mini vacation.
And I cannot wait to see my family.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I am proud to annouce..

that I have been made a member of the Alleycat Revue!!
First show with them on the 18th, last show with Dead Man's Carnival on the 11th.
Alot of stuff to do now!
I am going to a pre-interview session at the Neroli Salon and Spa tomorrow morning, they are hiring retail advisors at 10 dollars an hour. So I am hopeful for something better.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend Wrapup-Or how it is snowing again?

Yes, so I basically had a excellent weekend..despite the weekend ending in white brite fluffy goodness-It was not too bad overall..

Friday: I had a day of cleaning ahead of me, I cleaned the kitchen(after days of no clean dishes and garbage piling up it gets to you), so I did that, vacummed with my wonderful freind the Swivel Sweeper. My freind Alice came over, as she was going to the Alleycat Revue auditions on Saturday, and wanted some opinions on the number she was doing, we went over it, I gave her some help but overall she was doing fine! She shared some wonderful Papa Johns cheese breadsticks(which are more pizza like, with the sauce on the side). She left and I met up with Jay and his freind Mike from Colorado. Mike and Jay went to high school to together, so they shared some stories from the 'good ole days', we had a few beers then Mike had to call it a night. Jay and I went home.

Saturday-Jay and I woke up and went out for breakfast at George Webb's(which is slowly becoming a Saturday tradition for us), we talked about his upcoming trip to Europe(he is going there for a graduation present). We had a good breakfast of eggs and coffee and cigarettes. hehe.
I had to run home because I had an audition to go to for the Alleycat Revue. When I go to the address, it was this small industrial area...I was kind of confused. I went into the door labelled "AUDITION" and was in a factory type building-now I am having horror movie thoughts of some abandoned old factory, with the creepy masked monster around the corner. Finally I come to my senses and go to the middle building and knock on the door, and a 13 year old boy answers the door. I ask him if he knows where the auditions are, and he says he will show me...we walk BACK to the previous building, through a few work areas and he shows me a red metal staircase and tells me 'its down there'. OK...yea but the real shocker to me was walking down there to find(and I am not making this up) a biker bar in the basement!! The place was something else, off to one side was a photo set up, bikes of all kinds, a pool table, more bikes further back. In the back center of the room was a ceiling to floor stripper pole, a small seating area above and behind it, and a small stage off the left of that with more seating and a bar! I saw the girls from the Alleycats and said 'Boy you guys sure know where to hold auditions!'
I met Colleen, who owned the complex of buildings and businesses within, she introduced herself and asked if I needed anything. I asked for a soda, and settled in for a bit. The auditions had a small turnout, but it made it a more casual atmosphere. I got to watch the others who were auditioning. Later in the afternoon we went to the middle building, where Colleen and her family lives, and she also has a bike chop shop in the back. We had pizza courtesy of Colleen(she was such a gracious hostess!). We went back to bar, and watched the last girl audition for the day.
Unfortunately the weather sidetracked going anywhere in the evening...so I just braved it enough to get some essentials, and some wine and hunkered down for the nite.
Sunday-working(as we speak!)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Money is the non exsistence

Basically meaning I barely have any, I was declined a refund anticipation loan from HR Block(I am assuming due to my bad credit). So I now have to wait until April 3rd to get the 700 I am supposed to be getting. I don't think that apartment I want is a reality right now, which sucks because I really really liked it. Perhaps someone will move out in a couple of months when things are better for me...we shall see.

I had a interview for a management-trainee sorta dealy for a consulting firm today.  I don't excpect anything to come of it, I think I botched the interview by being slightly nervous and repeating myself...so back to square one again!

I don't feel very good, I just feel low. I am keeping my head up. But it gets hard sometimes.
But the weekend looks to be better, Friday going out with the boy to Planet, Saturday burlesque auditions, Sunday-Getting to see my sis and niece!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Life sucks...

I don't know why I feel this low. Maybe it was the threat of eviction for a stopped rent check payment, maybe it is the 126 dollar overdraft that I didn't see coming, maybe it is the fact that I am not earning anywhere DAMN near what I am worth. 
And at this rate I may has well not even attempt trying to find another apartment, find another job, or even go back to school.
I feel pretty darn low right now.
Jay did help me by helping me pay my rent, one good thing from this week so far, and I spent some time with my good freind Pepin.

I am so tempted to just say F-K it all.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Eat, Drink, and be Merry.

Yea, my weekend was full of rock and roll.
Two shows, Eight bands, and more fun then I can afford my poor liver.
All in all a good weekend...I did need to let my hair down.

Still looking for something better....I applied for a receptionist position at a local cemetary.
I also made the poor woman's tuna noodle casserole...which was tuna, cream of mushroom soup, cheese powder from mac and cheese and some onions. Wow did it turn out good.

And I found my new apartment-425 a month, heat, gas, water included-breakfast bar in the kitchen, wood flooring, ample closet space...and it is just the next street over!
I just have to put 100 down to hold it, and that goes to my security deposit...I cannot wait! If I get it I move in May.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Before the week-ends

-Didn't go to the interview at Potawatomi...don't want to work as a cashier again. Am I not worthy of something better?
I basically decided to stay put for now, I had been feeling kind of restless and crazy lately...maybe it was the cold weather. But I will keep trying for a better job...just cannot picture myself in a cashier position. I do it in moderation at work for payments, but I do Data Entry, Mailings, and Customer Service. But hopefully when I go back to school in the fall, I can make something of my self.  But for now I will stay put...no sense in worrying about it.

Jay's band Fetch the Pliers is doing a show on Saturday, with the Living Wrecks from Baltimore, Cry Coyote from Milwaukee...and some band from Steven's Point.  Should be a good show!

Walking and Pilates have helped me lose 31 pounds since last May!! My goal is to be 175 by the end of the year. 
-I am working on being the Silk Spectre 1 from Watchmen for Gen Con this year, I already got the wig(which I have to style), I have everything except the yellow dress...which can be found I am sure for cheapo.
I am also making some burlesque barbies...just for fun! And speaking of burlesque, I will be back onstage in April. Auditioning for the Alleycat Burlesque Troupe at the end of this month...cross fingers!!
Not much else to mention, just getting by.
Cannot wait for summer.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Who watches the Watchmen?!?!

ME!! OMG This movie was freaking phenomenal, and that ain't no short order(in joke from the movie)!

Jay and I had been planning to see the movie for the last month, but we had our reservations since we heard the director was the guy who directed '300' directed this movie. Well, we figured it would either suck or be super spectacular. Before the show, we picked up our tickets early, and went next door to Landmark Lanes to get some pizza and beer. We went there and sat down,  we hoped that we would be able to get cheese pizza, but they said all they had was veggie. We were fine with that and we ended up getting broccoli pizza! It was kind of funny that we got broccoli pizza in the bar, but hey 'over the lips and through the gums, watch out tummy here it comes'! Suprisingly broccoli pizza and beer ain't too bad together. 

After the little feast we went to the theater and bumped into some freinds we hadn't seen in awhile, Emily and Issac, and we chatted about the weirdness and irony of bumping into each other at a comic book movie, how excited we all were about seeing the movie, and getting some seats together. After Jay got some sodas and a popcorn, all four of us headed into the theater, and found some decent seats.

We spent three hours literally glued to our seats, I didn't even get up to go the bathroom for all three hours.

After the movie I turned to Jay and said 'What did I just watch?' He laughed.
We left the theater in awe of the movie, in Emily's words 'How awesome was that?'
Outside was a bit of a college reuinion, seeing freinds I had not seen in sometime. 
Good night overall.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I am the worst daughter ever...i fucked up again.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Where is Judicial a Technical thing?

Oh the woes of trying to find which category the classes I will be taking fall under for the degree I want to pursue. Took me two times to look back and forth, which the degree is business related, the classes are technical based. I hope that was the right one...either way I have applied for something! Next step is applying for aid, and sending in the 30 dollar application fee, then getting tested..which I think is stupid since I was already a student there. Granted that was nearly 10 years ago, and testing has changed a lot. I just hope my math ADHD crap can stay on the back burner for this one.

I have been going to a massage therapist for deep tissue therapy...need to go every week now. It hurts but it helps. Better then abusing my body with Iburprofen as I have for the last 10 years.
-Not much else here to report...hope you didn't get inundated with snow as much as we did here!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pain Pain go away...

being sick makes you more aware of your body...and all the bad things that you can feel.
I seem to have a mild flu, or Really nasty cold...either way it sucks. I have been congested for two days...and every little pain makes me hate being sick.
-So Jay was in a big game with the D-company guys this week, and while he ended having 'new model failure' in one part of the game(he got a new tank called the Malcador, and has he put it, 'new models always get hit first in their first games), But he got best general in the third game for taking his 5,000 point army, and kicking the butts of a 10,000 point Ork army...I am glad he had fun, sadly won't see him until Thursday when I go to the Diversity Job Fair at UW-Milwaukee he told me I needed to go to.
-Likely going to register for admissions to MATC this week for the Judicial Reporting program...yea.
Not much else to report...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Where I am trying to go...

- I need to get back into school..grad school, tech school, heck even bartending school would be an option. Just something to potentially move up in the world. I feel as though i may have failed myself in education...not that I have not enjoyed the world of theater, and having a vast knowledge of burlesque is a great thing to have...but what I have to show for it?

I was looking at some programs at MATC, and one that caught my fancy was Judicial reporting-where you can work in varied fields such has court reporting, closed captioning for television, transcript translations, among a few others. I would have to take some math(for business applications),  biololgy and psychology classes...but it could be worth it.

Other then this, I had a really rough day yesterday...like panic attack at work rough day.
Got through the majority of it, went to see my boyfreind later that night which helped me feel better.
Today was better, got to work earlier...still trying to find another job closer to home...or one that pays better. We shall see what happens..

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Life in the Fast Lane, or how my weekend went.

So last night was the Fetch the Pliers show, and it was alot of fun. Until my freind who drove me there got stuck in the snowbank, and when the nite ended we tried to push him out, when the belt gave out and it died....overall the nite was fun....just a bit too much beer and smoking.
-So, Gen con is in the works, ordered my badge, we got the room fgured out. The room is actually going to be at the airport instead of downtown, which is a money saver. And while I am not going to be in the costume contest this year, I am hoping I will be able to create a costume of one my Dark Heresy characters to wear for one day.
-This week is going to be nuts...but that is for another day.
Oh yea, I got a new tattoo...hehe.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So my sister joined, and I thought I should too.

Hi out there!
So, I found out about the 'Blogger' through my sister's e-mail about it. This is now the third blog i have out there in internet-land. Not much to say on here...now to read my sisters Blogger.