Thursday, June 4, 2009

You Likea Me like I Likea U

I am having a 'tardo day. No-not some cool new gaming character, but like 'retarded' just shortened.
I stuffed envelopes with half of their needed letters at work today, I seemed to be acting weird, like I had a sugar rush or something. I blame the Baby Ruth-I hardly ever eat those things.
My back right tooth is rotting-I am not kidding! I need to see a dentist, but how the bloody hell can I do that with what peanuts I am making at my job.

I am going to quit soon, going back to school, and moving on from this hell I live in.
The only good things in my life are my family, freinds, wonderful boyfreind(he comes home from Paris on the 9th!!!) And my lovely burlesque troupe!

That is me with the red wig on-my real hair pissed me off when it didn't set the nite before!
We are really picking up gigs and opportunites! My next two numbers involve 80's songs by Van Halen and Billy Idol. I am excited!

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