Sunday, June 14, 2009

Quick Blurbs on Life for Me.

-Jay came home-sadly his grandfather went into the hospital when he came back. Had to go to Iowa Wednesday, his grandad passed away Thursday.
-Friday I did alot of stuff-continued the odyssey that is painting my room. I got more done, but there are two walls that I have to wait on; one that is damaged and one that is in a odd alcove shape. So I will embark on those likely soon. Later I went to Jay's, then later he came over and we watched Desperately Seeking Susan-which he had never seen. He liked it.
Saturday we spent running around, later that night we went out and did kareoke. Then we went to his freind Nikki' s party-we had WOP which is some strong stuff...I think i had like three sips of it before I put it down.
I didn't sleep too well last night, went home this morning about 6am-ate some breakfast and had a BOOST drink(was a little hungover); woke up at 9am took a shower then went to work.

tonite-hopefully will get to Jay's graduation party after work, if I can get a ride.
(crosses fingers).

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