Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Money is the non exsistence

Basically meaning I barely have any, I was declined a refund anticipation loan from HR Block(I am assuming due to my bad credit). So I now have to wait until April 3rd to get the 700 I am supposed to be getting. I don't think that apartment I want is a reality right now, which sucks because I really really liked it. Perhaps someone will move out in a couple of months when things are better for me...we shall see.

I had a interview for a management-trainee sorta dealy for a consulting firm today.  I don't excpect anything to come of it, I think I botched the interview by being slightly nervous and repeating back to square one again!

I don't feel very good, I just feel low. I am keeping my head up. But it gets hard sometimes.
But the weekend looks to be better, Friday going out with the boy to Planet, Saturday burlesque auditions, Sunday-Getting to see my sis and niece!

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