Saturday, March 7, 2009

Who watches the Watchmen?!?!

ME!! OMG This movie was freaking phenomenal, and that ain't no short order(in joke from the movie)!

Jay and I had been planning to see the movie for the last month, but we had our reservations since we heard the director was the guy who directed '300' directed this movie. Well, we figured it would either suck or be super spectacular. Before the show, we picked up our tickets early, and went next door to Landmark Lanes to get some pizza and beer. We went there and sat down,  we hoped that we would be able to get cheese pizza, but they said all they had was veggie. We were fine with that and we ended up getting broccoli pizza! It was kind of funny that we got broccoli pizza in the bar, but hey 'over the lips and through the gums, watch out tummy here it comes'! Suprisingly broccoli pizza and beer ain't too bad together. 

After the little feast we went to the theater and bumped into some freinds we hadn't seen in awhile, Emily and Issac, and we chatted about the weirdness and irony of bumping into each other at a comic book movie, how excited we all were about seeing the movie, and getting some seats together. After Jay got some sodas and a popcorn, all four of us headed into the theater, and found some decent seats.

We spent three hours literally glued to our seats, I didn't even get up to go the bathroom for all three hours.

After the movie I turned to Jay and said 'What did I just watch?' He laughed.
We left the theater in awe of the movie, in Emily's words 'How awesome was that?'
Outside was a bit of a college reuinion, seeing freinds I had not seen in sometime. 
Good night overall.

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