Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pain Pain go away...

being sick makes you more aware of your body...and all the bad things that you can feel.
I seem to have a mild flu, or Really nasty cold...either way it sucks. I have been congested for two days...and every little pain makes me hate being sick.
-So Jay was in a big game with the D-company guys this week, and while he ended having 'new model failure' in one part of the game(he got a new tank called the Malcador, and has he put it, 'new models always get hit first in their first games), But he got best general in the third game for taking his 5,000 point army, and kicking the butts of a 10,000 point Ork army...I am glad he had fun, sadly won't see him until Thursday when I go to the Diversity Job Fair at UW-Milwaukee he told me I needed to go to.
-Likely going to register for admissions to MATC this week for the Judicial Reporting program...yea.
Not much else to report...

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