Thursday, March 12, 2009

Before the week-ends

-Didn't go to the interview at Potawatomi...don't want to work as a cashier again. Am I not worthy of something better?
I basically decided to stay put for now, I had been feeling kind of restless and crazy lately...maybe it was the cold weather. But I will keep trying for a better job...just cannot picture myself in a cashier position. I do it in moderation at work for payments, but I do Data Entry, Mailings, and Customer Service. But hopefully when I go back to school in the fall, I can make something of my self.  But for now I will stay sense in worrying about it.

Jay's band Fetch the Pliers is doing a show on Saturday, with the Living Wrecks from Baltimore, Cry Coyote from Milwaukee...and some band from Steven's Point.  Should be a good show!

Walking and Pilates have helped me lose 31 pounds since last May!! My goal is to be 175 by the end of the year. 
-I am working on being the Silk Spectre 1 from Watchmen for Gen Con this year, I already got the wig(which I have to style), I have everything except the yellow dress...which can be found I am sure for cheapo.
I am also making some burlesque barbies...just for fun! And speaking of burlesque, I will be back onstage in April. Auditioning for the Alleycat Burlesque Troupe at the end of this month...cross fingers!!
Not much else to mention, just getting by.
Cannot wait for summer.

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