Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend Wrapup-Or how it is snowing again?

Yes, so I basically had a excellent weekend..despite the weekend ending in white brite fluffy goodness-It was not too bad overall..

Friday: I had a day of cleaning ahead of me, I cleaned the kitchen(after days of no clean dishes and garbage piling up it gets to you), so I did that, vacummed with my wonderful freind the Swivel Sweeper. My freind Alice came over, as she was going to the Alleycat Revue auditions on Saturday, and wanted some opinions on the number she was doing, we went over it, I gave her some help but overall she was doing fine! She shared some wonderful Papa Johns cheese breadsticks(which are more pizza like, with the sauce on the side). She left and I met up with Jay and his freind Mike from Colorado. Mike and Jay went to high school to together, so they shared some stories from the 'good ole days', we had a few beers then Mike had to call it a night. Jay and I went home.

Saturday-Jay and I woke up and went out for breakfast at George Webb's(which is slowly becoming a Saturday tradition for us), we talked about his upcoming trip to Europe(he is going there for a graduation present). We had a good breakfast of eggs and coffee and cigarettes. hehe.
I had to run home because I had an audition to go to for the Alleycat Revue. When I go to the address, it was this small industrial area...I was kind of confused. I went into the door labelled "AUDITION" and was in a factory type building-now I am having horror movie thoughts of some abandoned old factory, with the creepy masked monster around the corner. Finally I come to my senses and go to the middle building and knock on the door, and a 13 year old boy answers the door. I ask him if he knows where the auditions are, and he says he will show me...we walk BACK to the previous building, through a few work areas and he shows me a red metal staircase and tells me 'its down there'. OK...yea but the real shocker to me was walking down there to find(and I am not making this up) a biker bar in the basement!! The place was something else, off to one side was a photo set up, bikes of all kinds, a pool table, more bikes further back. In the back center of the room was a ceiling to floor stripper pole, a small seating area above and behind it, and a small stage off the left of that with more seating and a bar! I saw the girls from the Alleycats and said 'Boy you guys sure know where to hold auditions!'
I met Colleen, who owned the complex of buildings and businesses within, she introduced herself and asked if I needed anything. I asked for a soda, and settled in for a bit. The auditions had a small turnout, but it made it a more casual atmosphere. I got to watch the others who were auditioning. Later in the afternoon we went to the middle building, where Colleen and her family lives, and she also has a bike chop shop in the back. We had pizza courtesy of Colleen(she was such a gracious hostess!). We went back to bar, and watched the last girl audition for the day.
Unfortunately the weather sidetracked going anywhere in the I just braved it enough to get some essentials, and some wine and hunkered down for the nite.
Sunday-working(as we speak!)

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