Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This week in whatevers...

I am in a weird place now, not totally unhappy-not completely happy..kinda in a weird ok space. I don't know if that is life and things being ok. And not being able to change the fact that i have no money, I am late on my electric bill and my rent this month, it is what it is.
-This weekend looks beautiful weather wise (72 degrees, maybe close to 80?), my good freind Steve is coming into town for the 'Big Game' which basically means just the boys doing what they do best in playing Warhammer 40K-Jay will be playing his Orks. He has been working on them religiously these past few weeks. Should be a good game. We all will be meeting up at Mad Planet for 80's/retro nite on Friday to get our boogie on.
-Oh Yea-did I mention I am the subject of a most interesting photo?
More on that later.

The burlesque show went great, we raised 2,000 dollars for juvenile diabetes.
It felt good to give my time and energies to charity.
Ciao for now.

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