Thursday, April 30, 2009

Twitter, Invader,Birthday approaching...or what has been around me lately.

So, yea I recently joined Twitter-damn you  Ashton Kutcher! I found of all people on there(are you ready for this?) Brent Spiner, Wil Wheaton, Levar Burton(Star trek geek heaven!!)-Dita Von Teese(my burlesque inspiration), Neil Gaiman(always loved his work)- amongst a few others. I don't update it ALL the time(like I have that much free time on my hands!)-but it is nice to read the daily goings on about my fav celebs.

I recently auditioned for a local show called 'Invader I hardly know her', I felt I did well at the audition-but I didn't make the cut. Oh well! 

Oh yea did I mention I am 20 days from turning 29? One more year until I am in the 30 and over club. Jay and I are going to do a joint Bday/gradution party on the 22nd. He leaves for Europe for two weeks on May 26th, and while I am sad we will be apart that long-he has earned it for working his butt off. He will likely be applying for grad school this summer,and working towards taking his GRE test.

As for me, the month of May will be mostly working aside from Birthday and Memorial Day weekend where I am taking off five days.  I will need to get as much time with Jay as I can.
Mom was in the hospital again for drinking this week, I have nothing to say on the subject other then -"again?'

I want to move. I cannot afford this apartment anymore.
And I keep looking for the ever elusive second job-I am likely to get Swine Flu before I get a new job.

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