Thursday, April 2, 2009

Weekend Ahead...

I am mad that I hardly got any sleep this morning...I was trying everything under the moon to fall asleep.  Finally at 4am I made some peppermint tea which calmed me and made me sleep.
I managed to wake up around 9am, then I said f-it and decided to stay up. I made some coffee and some Pilsbury Cinnamon Rolls; because dammit I deserve some gooey fatty goodness once in awhile.
The walk to work was hard, my blood sugars were getting really low, but I had some pizza and a coke when I got to work, andI felt better.
Tonight-pack for my overnite visit, Jay is coming over to hang out, then try to get some sleep before I catch my 1030am train. I am very much in need of a mini vacation.
And I cannot wait to see my family.

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