Sunday, April 12, 2009

Goodbye Dead Man's...

So this week I will bidding adieu to the group I have been with for two years. 
I am looking foward to moving ahead with the Alleycat Revue, first show this Saturday. It is a benefit show for Juvenile Diabetes, which will be a wonderful cause to raise money for.

Outside of the shimmy-tastic world, life sucks right now.  I have been in a funk for a couple of days, just feeling depressed about life in general. I apply for job after job, with no bites or contacts.
I don't want to quit what I have now, I just passed the one-year milestone at one year ain't too bad.

Speaking of one year, it has also been one year for Jay and I. We didn't make a big deal of it, but made a cheers that we made it through one year. Jay is going to be so busy in the next two months. 
He is graduating in May-we are celebrating a joint my bday/him graduating party- and then he is off to Europe for two weeks...I keep thinking about how hard it will be for us to be apart that long. We may not see each other for a week, but we are always in the same town. He will be in Germany for a week, then Paris France for the second week.  I will miss him SOO much!
But I know this is a great time for him to have some time away from all of the insanity of his life, between Djing, singing, and other stuff...he is definetely pulled in a million directions.
I am proud of him for finishing school, and he will be going to grad school in the fall. 

Easter is going to be low-key this year...spending the evening with margie and her fiance ed-and their families.
I hope for things to get better soon.

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