Friday, August 21, 2009

Life in the Augustus

Yea, I know the title makes no sense-but here is a recap of August(not counting the one thing that hasn't happened.)

-Wedding #1 Dale and Beth's Wedding-I was a guest-Jay was a usher. I wish I had pics of him in his tux. He looked so handsome! *Squee!* The wedding was nice, the reception was fun but I had a few too many glasses of riesling and passed out at 10pm. Thankfully our freind Joe had a room, so the guys stayed up til 2am drinking and being guys. Horrible hangover the next morning.

-Gen Con- Hotel was nice, but too far away(we were by the airport this year). We got the new Rouge Trader book, the game is alot of fun-think 'Pirates in Space'. My character is called 'Lorayne Thornhallow'. She kicks some serious butt as the bodyguard of Rachsus Thorne!
Didn't get to do everything I wanted to, but I still had a good time. Next year though I am not missing Hentai Dubbing!

Wedding(reception)#2 Dan and Mary: This was a rough one, basically had not time to change or get ready as we had to go straight there after we got back from Indy. I managed to pull myself together. We had alot of fun, Jay and I had a bit too we stumbled home and slept it off.

Wedding #3(one week from Saturday)-Best freind getting married-first time being a bridesmaid. Will update on the event after it happens.

Work-ready to quit this piece of shit....

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