Sunday, May 17, 2009

Painting my room-Chapter 1

So now that I live in a house, with a second floor all to myself-I want to make it look less like a demolition area.
My room is currently painted pastel purple-not a color condusive to my style. I am going for a black and red motif-red walls and black trim.
I went to Benjamin Moore paint today to get some color palettes for visual aids. I was originally going to go for a ochre red(brownish red), but that might be too dark. And I found this really neat color-ruby red. Dude Ruby red..just like my hair! hehe.

So I am planning on going all out on Friday to get paint and curtains with my mom and my freind who is driving us around.
Going to do a little more looking-maybe get some cheapo black paint samples to get started in the trim-as that will not take much time at all.
The second room is in need of all primer-that is more going to be a summer project. I have unpacked the nessecities for clothing, shoes and the like-but I feel like putting it all away now is stupid before I actually paint the rooms.

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